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When Peppermint Meets Strawberry (a LazyTown + Fall Out Boy fanfic) pt1

Seattle, Tex and R2 were walking together towards Fall Out Boy's tourbus, after a few solid hours of laughing due to R2's jokes. "Hey Sea," R2 began, "remember when I asked for my VCR, you ACTUALLY brought My Chemical Romance, complete with their Black Parade blimp, float and all and I was all 'I said VCR, not MCR!'?" "Yeah, that one's pretty stupid!" replied Seattle, "also, when Tex got that P.Diddy-ish CD player and he watched too much FOB?"
"Whoa, how long did your mom ground him?"
"Hello? Summer break! We're the onlu ones making this parody, mom and dad ain't with us."
"Ohhhh kay."
"WE'RE HERE!" Tex shouted, interrupting the two girls. They finally arrived at the Fall Out Boy tourbus. Andy Hurley was just outside, hanging up the laundry like the neat freak he is. "Hey Pete," he called out, "your kid & teenage toothfairy buddies are here!"
"Dammit Andy, don't bring that up again," Pete Wentz lazily answered, got up from the couch and came out from the bus without realizing he was wearing Patrick Stump's boxers on his head. Patrick himself, and Joe Trohman, were still sleeping at their own beds in the bus.

"YAY FOB!" cried Tex, excited to see them.
"That thing yours?" asked R2. "Last time I checked boxers are underwear, not hats."
"I know that," replied Pete, "ANd nah of course, it's Patrick's, obviously."
"Then what's he wearing right now, Spongebob?" asked R2 again, attempting another joke, to which Seattle finished off by replying "BIKINI BOTTOM!". The punchline sent the trio, Pete and Andy in stitches, even Patrick and Joe seemed to chuckle in between their snoring.

"So, you're making a new comic?" Seattle asked R2, who was noticeably doodling on her sketchbook. "Yeah," R2 replied. "But I need new inspiration for this one. Y'know, stupidity, humor, all that kind of junk." "Well in that case, we better get our butts over to LazyTown!" chirped Seattle happily. "Y'know, the place where we passed by a couple of times and reenacted some scenes, parodying their everyday lives?"
"You're kidding, right? LAZYTOWN?" suddenly Pete popped out of nowhere. He was just taking a shower and stopped by, eyeing R2's doodles. "How the hell are we gonna get there?" he asked again. A few seconds later Patrick popped out from nowhere, behind Pete with a mug full of coffee. "Here's how," he began, "We aim that bazooka cannon of ours straight at that peculiar-looking blue blimp that's always on top of LazyTown. You ride in there, taking turns if you have to, and we'll fire you at the blimp. I've calculated the precise amount of force, distance and angles we need to set the cannon to, so you kids can bounce right off the blimp and into the town!"
"Brilliant, Professor Stump!" responded Seattle, clapping.
"Its the coffee, really," replied Patrick, being modest, then proceeded to sip his hot coffee as a reward... which then seared his lips.
"OW! Damn it!" he cried, alerted. "Must've set the boiler's temperature to 'pyro'" he muttered. Another punchline, another group laughter.

The three kids decided to go to LazyTown right at that afternoon, and believe it or not, Fall Out Boy actually owned one of the biggest bazooka cannons ever. The four bandmembers were checking everything to make the plan work.
"Gunpowder?" asked Pete. "Check," replied Andy.
"Torchwood?" asked Pete again. "On fire, baby," replied Joe, excited to light up stuff.
"Cheese?" asked Pete for some reason. "Checkaroo," replied Patrick coolly. "Wait, what's the cheese for?" asked R2, confused. Pete snickered and replied, "to lure you kids in". "Wait, what are we, MICE?!" asked Seattle and before she got her answer FOB already fired the cannon.


"YAAAAAAAAARGH!!!" the three cried as they sped up and away towards the blue blimp. They had nothing to worry, for this time they brought a homing device, set to FOB's tourbus if they ever got lost.
"Wheeeeee~" screamed Tex, hyper-excited. "INCOMIIIIIIIIING!" warned Seattle.

Suddenly... BAMF! Their faces smack-landed on the blimp. The three moaned in pain for 15 seconds before R2 spoke up, "this must be the blue blimp Patrick was talking about..." The three managed to find a portal that carried them inside the blimp. They were awed by the bright white interior. Everything looked so compact and foldable, it's as if the blimp was a tourbus, only neater. Suddenly, it hit Seattle. "This must be where Sportacus lives!"
"Sportacus?" R2 asked, blinking in disbelief. "Sportacus Sportacus?"
"Sportacus Sportacus Sportacus!" Seattle reconfirmed.

Just then, a male voice came from the bathroom, "Did somebody call my name?" he said.
"Pogos!" R2 shouted, and three pogo sticks come out from the blimp's walls and into their hands. "Door!" Seattle shouted, and the blimp door opened. The three managed to escape before Sportacus (who was just done doing his business in the bathroom) caught them in his own living room. He was looking for them but the three was too busy falling and screaming.

"MAMA WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIE!!" somehow Tex managed to sing My Chemical Romance's "Mama" through his screams. "C'mon Tex, we wont!" Seattle reassured her brother, "and how could you sing in a time like this?!" Lucky the pogo sticks broke their fall and aided them with bouncyness... and there they were, falling straight to a colorful town with recognizable bent-shaped buildings... and a cat stuck in a tree.
They were there.
And they couldn't stop bouncing.


When Peppermint Meets Strawberry pt2

"HEEEELP! CAN'T... STOP... POGOS!!" the three of 'em were bouncing uncontrollably. One of them even knocked out a sade of black, purple and red into the hole it dug. Finally, their pogos wore out and they stopped.
"Whew, that was far-out," Seattle sighed. "Now, R2, you said you wanna make yer stupid funny comics. Next stop, inspiration!". She suddenly transformed into some sort of tour guide. "Go roam around the town while I practice my dance moves,"
"Dance?" asked R2, raising one eyebrow.
"Yeah, dance! I ALWAYS got time to dance." replied Seattle confidently, "Time to Dance, I did a Panic! At The Disco there!"
"Okay then... I'm gonna go lost right now..." replied R2, walking away. And she really did got lost.

"Alright Texy, play that song!" Seattle commanded. "Alright, sis," Tex answered and grabbed Seattle's MP3 player, set it to stereo mode and played Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race". Seattle thought the song is fun enough for her to dance to. Seattle began dancing with all her heart, while Tex watched her, singing along. When the song hits the "I'm a leading man, and the lies I weave..." part, she did some high-kicks.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the fence...
"C'mon, Stephanie. Eventhough Sportacus isn't coming, we all wanna see you dance the Bing-Bang!" cried Ziggy. "Yeah, for MY pleasure!" added Stingy, being stingy.
"Sigh... okay guys, I will," said Stephanie willingly, and played said Bing Bang song on her cute pink stereo. She then danced while singing "Bing Bang Diggy-Diggy-Dong, funny words I sing when I am dancing~". Like Seattle, she did splits and high kicks while dancing, and her two friends Ziggy and Stingy sang along.

Back on Seattle's side of the fence, it seemed that the Bing Bang song interrupted her dance. She told Tex to play the FOB song louder so she can concentrate and finish the dance. Tex pushed the +volume button and Seattle's mp3 player was blasting Patrick's voice shouting "This aint a scene, it is a goddamn arm's race!" which truthfully wasn't exactly appropriate for kids.
Anyhoot, this interrupted Stephanie's dance in exchange, and she tried coping with this by cranking up the volume on her stereo. This sent Seattle to do the same, and for a few minutes they were maxing up each song's volume, stereo vs mp3 player, Bing Bang vs This Ain't A Scene. Yet none of them even bothered to simply look up the opposite side of the fence for some reason.
Finally, the increasingly loud volume proved to tick off someone. A certain antagonistic someone.
"STOP! Stop this stupid gosh darn music this instance! I'm trying to get some SLEEEEP!"
It was Robbie Rotten, and he did indeed look sleepy.
"Hey Robbie, haven't you basically had enough sleep all year round?" yelled Ziggy.
"C'mon guys, if Robbie's being rude, let's dance somewhere else," Stephanie suggested, and they replied with a "yeah!" in unison. The so-called music war was over, leaving Seattle and Tex bored. They too decided to dance somewhere else, not wanting to even see or hear Robbie Rotten again.
And what luck, they bumped into R2. It seemed that she didn't get lost enough.

"R2! Boy am I glad to see you" said Seattle, then proceeded to tell the teenager what happened. "I think Tex and I spotted Stephanie, the Mayor's niece. She was with her friends, dancing to that annoying Bing-Bang-Diggy-Diggy-Butt song," "OUR song was WAY cooler! Theirs sounded stupid!" added Tex, acting like the typical 5-year old he is. Seattle proceeded, "I tried cranking up the volume to concentrate, and she turned up her volume as well, and soon we're in an all-out music war. It was unexpected!" "IT WAS AAAAWESOME!!!" yelled Tex again. R2's face beamed, her lips sketched a lopsided grin. "Heeeey that's a good inspiration for my comic!" she chirped. "Music wars: The Lame Side vs The Cool Side!". This idea was approved by Seattle and Tex's nodding.

That evening the three tried their homing devices out, going "home" to Fall Out Boy's tourbus cuz they hadn't got a place to stay nearby. "Homing devices?" asked R2. "Ready!" answered the two siblings. Their homing devices were like rockets, and they had the ability to track back the coordinates from their previous routes... speaking of which...
The devices sent them skyrocketing and again, smashing into Sportacus' blue blimp.
"Not. Again." they moaned. Suddenly Seattle smelled something sulphury. "What's he doing now? Is he pooping again just like last time?" "Yeah, he's totally pooping," added Tex. "No surprises, he's a healthy eater. Fruits, fiber, they all equal a big ol' Number 2" added R2, seconds before their homing device started pulling them again...
SMACK BANG into Fall Out Boy's tourbus. Ouch with a capital O.
Seattle sniffed again. "GAHD, the smell is even WORSE in here!" she complained. Just then Andy came out from the bus, warning the kids not to come inside. "Sorry, kids. Joe did a number 2 and it's all because of Patrick. Well actually it was some stunt they played, and now Joe's puking all over his crap," he said. "Like Pete said, Rule #666: No puke-crapping in the tourbus. Ever".
From the doorstep they could hear Joe's moans from the bathroom, "uhhh please Patrick... no more Pepsi... uhhh... BLERGHHHH"
"Hey it would've been better if the tour manager bought us Coca-Cola instead! Now we've lost him and pretty much our way home," replied Patrick, seemingly annoyed to cover up his guilt for what he did upon Joe. Seems that the band has an untold story of how they themselves got lost. Pete mentioned before that they were supposed to be rocking out someplace else instead of being stranded a few miles away from LazyTown. What R2 didn't understand was why didn't they just used the homing devices to find a way home already.

Speak of the devil, there Pete was eventually, topless and only in jeans. "So," he asked R2, "find any 'inspiration' yet?" his fingers sketching a quote-unquote sign. "Yeah, Cheese Wentz, you should've seen Seattle and that idiot pink fairy, they were having a music war!" replied R2, excited about her newfound inspiration. "Plus, the homing devices need more fixing and less crashing,"
"We'll work on that later," said Pete, rubbing his stubble. "Hey, let's camp out tonight", he suggested suddenly. "We got two tents. You sleep in one tent while the four of us sleep in another. Sounds good?" This idea was due to the unbearable stink from the puke-crap that came from Joe. Everyone else nodded. "Thanks a lot, I would much love to get away from my own shit and puke combination," sighed Joe with relief. The kids and the band slept in tents that night.




When Peppermint Meets Strawberry pt3

The next day, the kids decided to crash into LazyTown again, using Fall Out Boy's homing devices yet again. Since they used the homing device, the Bazooka Cannon shot them straight at Sportacus' blimp ONCE again.
"SPORTACUS SPORTACUS SPORTACUS!" chanted Tex once again, and from inside the blimp the three could hear Sportacus faintly replying, "That's my name, don't wear it out! Where are you kids?" Judging my the sound of the fluhsing toilet and other mechanical movement sounds in the blimp, they knew he was looking for them.
"SCATTER!" commanded R2, and she and the two siblings skydived from the blimp this time, with parachutes.
"WHEEEEEEEEE" shouted Tex, unafraight of heights.
"Whoa, Deja Vu!" sighed Seattle. "SERIOUS Deja Vu!"
"Precisely why parachutes," added R2. "We learn from the past."

They landed safely on LazyTown grounds. "Okay inspiration and stupidity, here I come!" R2 announced as she wandered off once more. Meanwhile, Tex carried a portable TV, aajusted the antennas (yes it had antennas) trying to get signals from MTV and Cartoon Network. These were the channels he was stuck with to kill boredom. Seattle stood inches beside him, practicing her new dance moves.
"Hey wait, I almost forgot!" she suddenly said, and let out a deflated punching bag. As soon as she inflated it she hung it up on some tree and turns out, it has Madonna's face and a speech bubble next to her saying "punch my face". It was probably R2's punching bag or something.

Stephanie was just walking by when she spotted Tex and Seattle just around the corner. Being a friendly citzen she approached them and said hello. "Hi, I'm Stephanie," she introduced herself, "you're not from around here, are you?"
"Nope," replied Seattle. "I'm Seattle by the way, and I love that handbag you got there!" she then stuck her hand out, signaling Stephanie to engage a handshake. "Do they come in aqua or teal too?" she asked again.
"I'm not sure about that," replied Stephanie, "but I like your jacket though, and I think I have one too in magenta."
"I noticed you like shades of pink," Seattle commented. "I noticed you like boxing," replied Stephanie. "I like dancing and basketball, and pretty much any kind of sports excite me" "No way, I like dancing too!" replied Seattle. "Well why didn't you say so? Let's have a duet or a dance-off or something!" Stephanie suggested, and turned on her stereo. The song that came out just happened to be "Hung Up" by Madonna.
Seattle's ears perked. "Is that Madonna?" she asked. Stephanie nodded, then both girls slowly stared at the punching bag Seattle was using. "Uh... eheheh... this is awkward..." said Seattle, blushing. "Don't get me wrong, I like Madonna. My mom used to play her songs every morning while doing her morning exercises. But I like alternative rock songs better. I'm surprised a lot of old artists these days are making new songs, but I'm glad to hear they're still at it". She then proceeded to punch the Madonna punching bag along the rhythm of the Madonna song.

Realizing that that was all awkward, Stephanie began to change the subject and got a Strawberry Shortcake doll from her handbag and showed it to Seattle. "Isn't she cute? Did you watch the series?" she asked.
Seattle nodded "Sure! I have a doll just like that but I don't think it's Strawberry..." Turns out Seattle had a doll just like Stephanie's but it was Peppermint Fizz. "I've always liked peppermint better than strawberry" she added. Stephanie shrugged it off and said "everyone like's different things, so it's okay." Suddenly Ziggy ran past the two girls, holding his favorite lolipop. Strangely somehow Stephanie managed to catch him and hold him up while he was still all hyper and stuff.
"Oh Ziggy, did you have too much candy again?" she asked.
"Yeah and it was all taffy and lollipops!" replied a giggling Ziggy,
Stephanie turned back to Seattle and introduced Ziggy to her, saying "whenever I needed a good laugh I just turn to Ziggy here, he's kinda funny. Not to mention a candyaholic, but he's beginning to eat healthy foods now."
"Mhm, I love candy! Candy candy candy!" Ziggy added.
"You should see my other friends Pixel, Trixie and Stingy." Stephanie began again. "They're pretty cool in their own ways too. Hey, do you have friends here too?"
"I do have friends but they're not right here now," said Seattle. "My brother and I are on our summer holiday and we're kinda away from our parents for a little while. But we DO have some other people that are kinda like friends..." she explained further and stopped at Tex who was watching his portable TV. "And here he is my brother Texas. Y'know when I saw Ziggy I knew he reminded me of someone. Tex right here is sorta like a TV-aholic... but he likes songs too, especially Fall Out Boy, which happens to be one of my favorite bands. Honestly he couldn't pass a day without singing a FOB song."
"Shush, sis. FOB is on! SHUUUSH!!" Tex interrupted as the TV plays FOB's music video for "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race".
Tex continued to watch tv as Ziggy ran off, probably meeting his other friends Stephanie was talking about. Seattle grinned and said "I make dance moves to this song, cuz it's so danceable"
"Wait a minute..." it hit Stephanie that this was the song that interrupted her Bing Bang dance the other day. "Were you the one who were-"
Realizing this Seattle blushed and she really wanted to change the subject immediately but she's got nothing.

Lucky for her, not far from there Sportacus was doing his usual flipping and backflipping morning jog, and a few kilometres from him Robbie Rotten was predictably digging a hole to trap Sportacus in. As soon as Stephanie spotted the two, she called out "Guys! Come over here! I want you to meet someone new!"
Sportacus and Robbie agreed to head together anyway.
"So, Stephanie, what brings us here?" asked Sportacus, his Icelandic accent showing up. "Who's your new friend? She looks like a bluish greenish version of you"
"Her name's Seattle, and she and her brother Tex were just visiting this place." answered Stephanie. Robbie grunts and turned his face away. "I had enough with just ONE little pink girl blasting music and ruining my sleep, I don't NEED another little pink girl, especially an AQUA one. Double the noise!" Robbie's answer confirmed Stephanie that it was Seattle who played This Ain't A Scene loudly while Bing Bang was playing. She stared at her counterpart, raising an eyebrow.
"Eheheh... about that dance..." Seattle blushed, before Stephanie cut her, "it's ok, I forgive you. I didn't know who your were back then" then shook Seattle's hand before she continued the introduction. "Anyways, Sportacus and Robbie Rotten over here are polar opposites. Sportacus is kinda this town's superhero. He has this crystal in his uniform that beeps when any Lazytown citizen is in trouble. He's a great guy too, he teaches us kids to exercise and eat healthy everyday,".
"That's right, bad habits are bad," added Sportacus, then his eyes shifted towards Robbie.
"Whatcha lookin' at?" Robbie asked, glaring back.
"Robbie here has loads of them," continued Stephanie again. "He takes too much naps, eats junk food and always tries to catch Sportacus for some reason. Not to mention he's quite of a prankster and a master of disguise."
"Sweet, skills," Seattle threw in a compliment.
"Bah, I was only trying to live up to this town's name. They don't call it LazyTown for no reason," Robbie said, defending himself. "All you other freakshows started a revolution eversince that blue elf invaded this town. Hmph."
"That's Robbie's pet name for Sportacus," Stephanie clarified. Sportacus chuckled and said "I was only doing what's best for our health and stuff."
Seattle laughed along. "Still, or a lazy butt he doesnt seem THAT lazy. With all those disguises and booby traps, looks like he burnt the most calories in this town" she pointed out an irony, which made Stephanie and Sportacus glare at Robbie, smiling. "By the way Robbie," Seattle began. "You remind me of another Robbie... hmm... Robbie Williams if I'm not mistaken. He's a singer, but I'm not really into his songs. In some award show he was nominated finalist along with Fall Out Boy and some other musicians and bands, and he won against FOB. I was sad that they didn't win, cuz I like THEIR music genre instead."
Stephanie nodded, and clarified to Sportacus and Robbie that Seattle's an avid music listener as well as dancer.
"Is this other Robbie guy a lazy person like me too?" asked Robbie.
"Who's Fall Out Boy again?" asked Sportacus.
"Oh you should definitely check them out," answered Seattle, "their emo rock songs ROCK!". By this time Tex was already done watching TV and felt sleepy. "Seattle can we go back to the tourbus now? I gotta nap." he asked.
"Tex, it's only 11 am," replied Seattle. "We'll go off somewhere else after this, okay?". She then turned to the three LazyTown citizens before parting ways and said, "by the way, I have a friend who is sorta like a combination of Sportacus and Robbie here. She likes drawing comics and eating healthy, and rock music, but she likes junk food, naps, and pranking people! Her name is-"
Before she could finish, a dark figure with red swinging lasers were headed their way. They soon realized that it was Darth Vader with his lightsaber... or at least someone dressed as Darth Vader, because...
"Darth Vader couldn't be that short," remarked Sportacus who was quite heighty. "Agreed," added Robbie, who was actually taller than Sportacus. As the "Darth Vader" ran closer, sounds of a swinging lightsaber accompanied with vigorous machine breathing got louder. Seems like Vader went rabid.
"The dude does have a real lightsaber though, and gaining speed." Sportacus said, gulping. "Let's get outta here!" added Robbie. "Guys! wait up!" yelled Stephanie, running away with them. The two siblings swore Robbie Rotten yelled "MOMMIE!!!" as they scampered. Seattle and Tex pretended to panic as well but once the LazyTown citizens fled off they stopped, knowing who this Vader guy was as he approaced them and took off his... or rather HER mask.

It was just R2 in disguise. "Heheheh heh heh did I scare them away?" she asked, stil laughing maniacally. Seattle nodded but added "well they wasn't impressed with your height and the choice of costume to go with it,". "Aw MAAAAN!" moaned R2. Seattle reassured her, "sigh, you're 15, your'e still growing and you'll be as tall as a giant eventually"and then helped Tex fold up his portable TV. "Let's just go back to the tourbus, Tex needs his nap. We'll hang around here later in the evening and go back again cuz I bet those guys are cooking mac n cheese for dinner," she told the two, and this time they chose to walk to the tourbus, not wanting to risk being plumeted to Sportacus' blimp again.



When Peppermint Meets Strawberry pt4

"Mac 'n' Cheese, everybody!" shouted Pete. It was mac 'n' cheese night over at Fall Out Boy's tourbus, and Pete called dibs on being the cook since they agreed on Andy washing the dishes afterwards. Patrick helped by being the waiter.
"Dude, I was right! I AM psychic!" shouted Seattle, happy her mac-n-cheese guess came out right. "Also, you'll never believe what happened in LazyTown today!" She proceeded to tell her story, a bit muffled due to her munching some mac 'n' cheese. "So, I got a great insight on some of the citizens. I talked to Stephanie, Sportacus AND Robbie Rotten while Tex was still watching TV, and guess what, as we were saying goodbye R2 SCARED them right in the spot! Well... they were only afraid of her lightsaber though," "No, seriously?" Andy asked sarcastically. "Extra chilli," Patrick announced, horking loads of chili sauce from the bottle on R2's mac 'n' cheese. Hey, she asked for it. Meanwhile Joe still looked sick but managed to finish what's on his plate, and somehow the band managed to completely clean the tourbus from all the poop & vomit stench after last night.

"It's not my fault those two are taller than me!" sulked R2. "Chin up, shortstuff. The four of us are shorter than most people too, and we're grown-ass men." said Patrick, attempting to lighten the situation up. "I told her we're still kids and we can still grow taller," Seattle added. "By the way, it looks like our perception of the citizens aren't that accurate. Stephanie's actually an okay person to hang out with, and Sportacus and Robbie Rotten's personalities are quite interesting."
"Robbie Rotten? Is he anything like Robbie Williams?" asked Pete, popping out from the tourbus kitchenette. Once again he was topless and only wearing shorts, shoes and a pink frilly apron. Andy snickered at this and said, "dude, you're still using that sissy apron I gave you as an April's Fool gift?" "It's the only apron we have in this tourbus since we got stranded," sighed Pete. disappointed at the fact that they were technically still lost. "As for you, Private Hurls-a-lot, I'mma play Mikey Way and I delcare your butt a toaster! Lemme stick a fork in it!" he then shouted, chasing Andy away from his chair jokingly while carrying a fork.
"You know MCR's bassist?" asked Tex. "Yeah, we're best friends y'know" replied Pete. Somehow the little kid was still oblivious of the fact that both FOB and MCR are close friends as bands.
"Aaaaanyways, back to Robbie Rotten and his ridiculous pompadour hair. If Robbie Williams ever rocked that look, yeah, you can say both Robbies look alike. Other than that I haven't got the slightest clue" continued Seattle. "Heh, at least Robbie Williams have a higher fashion sense than Robbie Rotten," added Andy, sitting back on his seat after being chased by Pete.

Pete then got serious and seated himself on the table. "Speaking of Robbie WIlliams, I haven't tried contacting him, but you know he's always flying around on those fancy vintage rockets," he began. "If he's ever still up for testing rockets, then we got a rocket reserved for him and we might want him to test it. Patrick and Joe programmed this rocket to blast off from here to Robbie Rotten's lair, which they earlier suspected was only a dark spot at the edge of the LazyTown map."
"We calculated the coordinates just this afternoon," said Patrick.
"The rocket was designed weeks ago though," added Joe, still sickly but starting to feel better.
We'll make the two Robbies meet and this would be awesome. I better call him up right now."
"Wait, you keep Robbie Williams' phone number and you DIDN'T keep your manager and tour bus manager's phone numbers?" asked R2, confused. To which the rest of Fall Out Boy just replied with "eh" and a sarcastic"we keep our friends close and our music awards rivals closer". From the kitchenette they could hear Pete having a conversation with said Robbie, and things were lightening up at the mentions of rockets.
Andy spoke more of the plan to the kids, "after the Robbies meet, we'll all crash into LazyTown together,"
"Maybe just the three of us crash into LazyTown while the four of you stay stuck in Sportacus' blimp," R2 suggested, having a different plan. "The prank I played on them wasn't successful. I wanna redo this prank plan I've been urging to do in months," "Then we can concoct plans for ya," Patrick said, "My head's been buzzing with fresh-thought plans all week long. It's at its most productive while Pete's brain usually spins the words." Hearing this, R2's face beamed, so did Seattle's and Tex's.
Long story short, the phone closed, the mac 'n' cheese were all finished and the seven of them snored soundly that night.

[Meanwhile, somewhere in the World of Strange]
Emily the Strange invited R2's friend Amel the Strange and they were having a tea party. Somehow they could sense what's going on. "People are strange..." muttered Emily. "Even normal freaks like Sportacus and Robbie Rotten," added Amel, and they continued to sip their tea whie their cats snore softly.

[The next day]
Sure enough, Robbie Williams arrived near Fall Out Boy's tourbus on a fancy vintage rocket. Who knows how he located the tourbus' coordinates. "Ah, Robbie, just as expected," Patrick greeted while setting up the rocket they were gonna test with Joe. "Brought along a biodegradable rocket cuz I knew you guys got something installed for me," answered Robbie, mentioning that his rocket was only made out of paper and other recyclable materials. "Wait... so it's not antique vintage 50's metal?" asked Joe. Robbie shook his head and proceeded to strap FOB's rocket on his back as Patrick and Joe explained to him what the plan was about, and how it was supposed to go. Pete came out from the tourbus, halfway brushing his teeth. He didn't wanna miss the launch that badly.
"Ready for liftoff, Sir Williams?" he greeted as soon as he was done rinsing and spitting.
"Ready when you are, Sir Wentz," replied Robbie, goggles strapped to his eyes. Patrick and Joe were all up in the controls and had a hard time adjusting everything, but the launch did go smoothly, smoother than expected. Seattle, Tex and R2 got out and saw the launch briefly and just in time.
"Whoa, look at Robbie go!" chirped Tex as the rocket took Robbie Willams to the sky, off to Robbie Rotten's lair. Patrick looked at his watch, seemingly to count seconds. "Alright, 15 seconds is up, now it's our turn!" he announced, and the rest of the band stuffed in the kids inside the cannon first, then themselves. The string attached to the bazooka cannon was extra long, longer than the usual, and just for safety the seven of them tied ropes around themselves cuz they all wanted to reach the same destination.
"Now remember, keep an eye on Sportacus and shiz, and if he got out from the blimp, follow him. Shout 'POGOS' altogether and pogo sticks will come out," commanded R2, albeit still clueless on how the blimp actually works.

On 3, 2, 1, the cannon blasted the seven of them off, instant joyride... until once again they SMACKBANGed into Sportacus' blimp

again for the third time (well, the first time for Fall Out Boy). The kids cut the ropes and skydived from the blimp using parachutes, while the band still clinged onto the walls of the blimp. Suddenly a portal with a ladder brought them in.

[LazyTown Grounds]
R2 dashed straight behind a bilboard and grabbed something huge, then dashed back towards Seattle. "I just remembered seeing this baby yesterday, and lucky for me it still stayed in place until today," she said, trying to hide it inside a tree. Seattle grinned as she saw the huge thing with eight legs R2 was trying to hide, as she spotted Stephanie trotting along the narrow road. She was seen cuddling a pink fluffy kitten doll when R2 and Seattle saw her. Tex had ran off somewhere.
"Hey guys," greeted Stephanie as she approached Seattle and R2. "Look at my new doll, it's a gift from Sportacus. He's been giving kids gifts for living healthy and exercising a lot. Ziggy's got a bunch of alternative candies, Pixel got a new computer game which you play by moving your body, and I don't know what Stingy and Trixie got yet."
"That's a really cute doll, I wish I have one," admired Seattle, "but I think R2's got a better one, though." She then snickered as R2 pressed a button on a small controller she secretly hid under her sleeve. Sure enough a giant freakish-looking purple and black spider robot, complete with hairy legs, came out from the tree she was stuffing it in. R2 and Seattle tried acting as clueless as possible, pretending to still be interested in the cat doll. The spider scared the living snot out of Stephanie. The plan WORKED.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" the little pink girl screamed as she ran away sprinting. From a distance Seattle and R2 swore she called Sportacus' name for help. "Spidey!" squealed Seattle while hugging one of the fluffy robot spider's leg. R2 looked at the controller, then the spider's body for a certain logo. "I think this belonged to Robbie Rotten," she said. "Let's bring it back to him.

[Robbie Rotten's Lair]
Robbie Williams landed safely through the tunnel behind a big billboard, through the pipes and into the secret underground lair belonging to Robbie Rotten. The owner of the lair himself was having a cup of tea while lazily flicking through the channels. After the interruption, both Robbies stared at each other awkwardly, making eye contact as if they were Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape, only more awkward.
"Do I know you?" asked Robbie Rotten.
"Yeah, I sing Rudebox," answered Robbie Williams, then proceeded to take out a vintage vinyl record and shoved it in Robbie Rotten's gramophone. Seems like albums in CDs aren't enough for this particular Robbie, and he had his songs fitted in vinyl records too.

[Sportacus' Blimp]
"Man, that guy looks like he's been exercising non-stop, for eons!" Patrick started. The four band members were hiding behind Sportacus' bed, which was embedded on a wall. It provided a crack for the band to see what was going on in the main room. "I can totally buff up like that if I play the drums non-stop," bragged Andy. The other three nodded. "Oh man, now he's doing some embarrassing jumping jacks like those Teletubbies," added Pete, observing from the crack. "And now he's doing push-ups."
Suddenly Joe spoke up, "Hey hey imagine if we're all little and Sportacus over there got huge and he's still doing push-ups... can we ride on him? Can we?". The rest of the band looked at him weirdly. "Joe, how high on paracetamol are you?" asked Pete.
Suddenly the crystal on Sportacus' shirt blinked and beeped. "Somebody's in trouble!" he exclaimed in his Scandinavian accent, and bungee jumped outside. Yep, it's gotta be Stephanie which got scared by the big-ass spider. Her scream was loud enough to be faintly heard from the blimp.
"Sounds like that Stephanie chick. R2 and Seattle must've done their prank well!" exclaimed Andy. "Go R2! Go SEATTLE!" he whisper-shouted, to which the rest of the band now changed the direction of the weird stares at him. "What?" he asked.


When Peppermint Meets Strawberry pt5 (Finale)

Sportacus backflipped throughout LazyTown to find Stephanie. Fall Out Boy used pogo sticks to chase him. They followed R2's pogo sticks instruction carefully, only one problem... they couldn't stop themselves from bouncing OR even control the pogo sticks.
"Whoa... whoa dammit only exercise freaks can only control these pogos sticks!" Pete insulted. They couldnt stop bouncing. "MOOOOOM!!" cried Patrick for some reason. Perhaps he was foreseeing their fate that was coming... which was CRASHING into an apple tree. Which happened to be full of apples. As the band moaned due to the crashing pain, all the apples from the tree fell on them, bombarding and later burying them. They've experienced the kids' Deja Vu with the pogo sticks, their lucks were just even worse.

Ziggy rushed towards the pile of suddenly falling apples, not knowing Fall Out Boy were burried underneath. "Sports candy!" he cried like the candyaholic he was, and began eating one of the apples. Tex (who was wandering off all this time) spotted this and hurried to the pile of apples, eating another apple and telling Ziggy, "these apples just fell from the tree, they're Fall Out Apples!" being the FOB-aholic he was. Soon they were all yelling "SPORTS CANDY!" vs "FALL OUT APPLES!" at each other like the kids they were, until they realized the dudes of Fall Out Boy emerging from the big pile of apples. Patrick spoke first, "look, kid, I appreciate you naming this pile of apples after us, and other kid, apples sorta ARE candies for fueling sports, but can you both please-" "Help us eat these damn apples already and FREE US OUTTA HERE!!" Pete cut him, raging. Ziggy and Tex obeyed and the six of them tried finishing the pile of apples, freeing the band in the process.

On the other side of the boulevard, Stephanie ran into a backflipping Sportacus, causing both of them to fall to the ground. "Are you aright Stephanie?" asked Sportacus. "I sensed you were in trouble.
Stephanie nodded. "Yeah I was, there was this huge purple and black fuzzy spider and I think it attacked Seattle and that other friend of hers," she said. "I don't think they were aware, awhh I shoud've checked on them instead of running awa-"
Before she could finish, she and Sportacus already saw said spider crawling towards them... and R2 and Seattle riding it.
"There it is! That's the spider!" cried Stephanie. "And Aqua-Stephanie and that other girl are riding it!" added Sportacus. Somehow he forgot Seattle's name. And he never met R2 in person before.
"Sportacus, that's Seattle," said Stephanie, correcting him. "She does kinda look like a teal version of me, only with a ponytail and a jacket. She does suspiciously have the same stuff as mine, only in blue-green instead of pink,"
Seattle waved at them. "Hey guys," she called out. "I never get to introduce R2 to you. She's quite a bit of a prankster as well!" "Yeah, and I think this big ol' spider robot doll thing is Robbie Rotten's. I just stole it for this occasion and we were gonna return it to him," added R2, controlling the spider. "He's in his lair currently, but with the companion of another Robbie. Robbie Williams," she said again. Stephanie began to realize R2 was sort of Seattle's own Trixie, but somewhat with a shade of Robbie Rotten.
"Who's Robbie Williams again?" asked Sportacus, confused. "I remember Seattle mentioning him but..."
"A singer. Way lamer than Fall Out Boy though," replied R2, to which Seattle replied, "you just don't understand his music genre just cuz his genre's not ours!"
"Ohh yeah, that singer that beat your favorite band at an award show, right?" Sportacus reconfirmed. Seattle and R2 nodded. "Speaking of Fall Out Boy, wait till you meet them cuz they'll rock your socks off with alternative beats and strums and poetry!" R2 said cheerfully.

Ziggy and Tex just about finished the last two apples while Fall Out Boy got off from the ground, dusting themselves. They were, at that point, really, really, really, really full. Times infinity. "How'd you like THEM APPLES?" joked Joe. Andy remarked, "boy Joe, those apples sure got your health back again, like a health pack in video games". Joe snickered.
Sportacus, Stephanie, Seattle and R2 came just in time too. "Sportacus!" yelled Ziggy and hugged the buff guy in blue. "SIS!" Tex cried out, hugging Seattle. Guess Tex was really in a copycatty mood that day.
"Sportacus, Stephanie, meet Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley, a.k.a. Fall Out Boy. Guys, this is Sportacus the blue elf a.k.a. superhero of LazyTown. His superpowers are gymnastics and pretty much sports."
"Eheheh I'm not really an elf though... it's just a nickname. But I do wear blue though," remarked Sportacus, and proceeded to shake hands with the band. "So uh, I play basketball, football, golf, hockey, tennis, and stuff like that. Whaddaya guys play?" he started a small conversation.
"I play bass," answered Pete. "Drums," said Andy. "GUITAR, MUDDAFUDDA!" yelled Joe. "I play the guitar and drums too, but not while I sing," added Patrick lastly. They were slightly on a different page in this conversation, and that kinda made the 5 kids laugh. R2 nagged Pete's sleeve and asked him whether Sportacus was in the bathroom when the band crashed into his blimp. Pete shook his head and told her he was merely doing his routine exercises. "Lucky you, you didn't have to smell his well-balanced diet poop," moaned R2.
"Wait... was it YOU who crashed into my blimp two times and were making those kid noises?" asked Sportacus, horrified. It horrified R2 as well, she was busted. "So were THESE losers! I was with them that time!" she pointed at Seattle and Tex.

"WOAH-kay Sportsie, tell me about yous superhero biz," Pete cut him, trying to change the subject. "How do you kick ass, and whose asses do you kick daily?"
"Ass as in donkey ass?" asked a confused Sportacus once more.
"Sigh no, not donkey ass, I mean BUTT ass," Pete clarified. There's gonna be a slang-barrier if one lives on a blimp for too long, he thought. "Ohhh in that case, Robbie Rotten," answered Sportacus confidently. "He seems to be the only one causing trouble over here in LazyTown. Even so, I don't like to think of him as an enemy or a rival, although that's probably how he sees me cuz like Stephanie said, we're both polar opposites". "Remember, he's also a master of disguise. He appears as many different random people but we usually see him through all of them in the end," added Stephanie.
"Speaking of which, we gotta return this spider to Robbie Rotten like now," reminded R2. "Everybody hop on! There's plenty of room up here". She was right. The spider's back could fit up to 10 people. "Robbie surprisingly didn't cause anything today," Stephanie said. "May I?" R2 asked for Sportacus' telescope, which he gladly handed to her. "Then you might wanna check on Robbie... or should I say Robbie AND Robbie!" she then passed the telescope around to each of them. Somehow that telescope can magically break boundaries and see into Robbie Rotten's lair, where he and Robbie Williams were currently having a sophisticated TEA PARTY. Acting like they're aristocrats.
"Oh Robbie," sighed Sportacus and Stephanie.
"Oh Robbie," sighed Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe.
"Oh both Robbies," continued R2, Seattle and Tex. "C'mon let's crash their tea party already," said R2, leading them as she piloted the spider back to the lair.

[Meanwhile, somewhere in Strangeville]
"I can sense some people are copying our tea party," said Emily quietly as she sipped her 42nd cup of tea. "Ya think?" asked Amel, stating that she thinks the fact was obvious. "Not to mention both of them are gross old men,"

Back in LazyTown, they managed to return the big-ass spider to Robbie Rotten and also had a mini-interview with him and Robbie Williams, comedically inserting inside jokes on how they share the same first name and azure eyes. Well, not literally on the eyes part. Trixie, Pixel and Stingy managed to join in, although they weren't comfortable with coming to Robbie Rotten's lair just like that, but changed their mind when they found Sportacus, Stephanie and Ziggy just chilling there along with the others. Evening came and soon it was time for them to go. "Extra fuse?" asked Patrick. "Extra fuse!" exclaimed Joe, actually carrying an extra fuse, which was for the rocket Robbie Williams was going to use.
"Ah... hopefully we can still see each other again, and perform some songs for us, Fall Out Boy... and... other Robbie. We'll gladly be your backup dancers," said Sportacus. FOB and Robbie Williams chuckled. "Welp, I'm going first," Robbie Williams said, chucking the fuse in the rocket while lighting it up after Patrick and Joe programmed it to where he came from. "Laters other Robbie, Sportacus, Fall Out Boy and everyone else... TALLY HO~" he yelled as he blasted off. "Laters, other other Robbie," answered Robbie Rotten. Turns out he also had unused rockets in his basement. They were ordinary rockets though, but with the homing devices the band brought along, they can take them and the kids back to the tourbus.
"Oh wait, before you go, I got something to show all of ya," Seattle said, and gave a VCR tape to Stephanie. "Show this to everyone in LazyTown, call the mayor, I'm sure he'll gather up everyone easily,"
"Will do. And the mayor's my uncle anyway," replied Stephanie, agreeing. "Goodbye, guys!" "BYE-BYYYYYEEE!!" the rest of the LazyTown kids joined in as Fall Out Boy strapped rockets onto themselves, R2, Seattle and Tex and pasted their homing devices onto them. Then, they blasted off and disappeared... well, they got back safely in the tourbus.
"Let's call it a movie night," announced Stephanie. "I'll tell my uncle to gather up everyone else, and that includes you, Robbie. Don't be late," she stared at Robbie Rotten, then left with the kids and Sportacus.
"Dang it, if only I knew earlier that rockets make transport easy instead of just using them for explosives..." sighed Robbie Rotten, "it sure looked like it beat running".
Sportacus cracked one more joke before he left, "well Robbie, I guess it's just cuz you were TOO LAZY to figure that out! Ba-dum-tss! Ehehehe..." and backflipped out of the lair, leaving Robbie letting out a frustrated "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-"

In the Fall Out Boy tourbus, Seattle was seen cuddling a fluffy aquamarine kitten doll. "Thanks, Pete, where didja get it? I didn't expect you to hoard these things in the tourbus!" she asked Pete, who was once again only wearing jeans. "I dunno, some old lady threw it at me when we were playing at a smallish stage in Seattle -that's right, the state with YOUR name- and I was half naked that time, pretty much like right now. The meemaw said our show was disturbing her sleep, and turns out her teenage granddaughter was in the audience, and she was in a bit of a fight with her grandma because she was forbidden to go see us. Pfft, what an old bitch," Pete told her the story. "So she threw this old doll of her granddaughter's and the granddaughter saw it being thrown at my face, told me to keep it and said it was an apology gift from her. She's cool though. Surprisingly it's only a little dusty for an old doll. Andy saw it the other day and washed it together with our laundry."
"You can keep it though, it suits you better," said Andy suddenly as he passed by them.
"Yeah, it's cuz you've been a nice little girl and tries to live healthy and exercise a lot to Fall Out Boy songs!" added R2, mocking the fact that Stephanie had another kitten doll from Sportacus for the same reason. Seattle glared at R2 and yelled "UGH STOP! You're making it seem as if I'm copying Stephanie ALL the time!"
That part was kinda true because a few weeks ago, months probably, after they found Fall Out Boy stranded, they got bored and started making LazyTown parodies. Seattle of course got the part of spoofing Stephanie and Tex spoofed Ziggy. R2 was pretty much the rest of the kids while FOB played the grown-ups.
"I don't mind being a nice little girl that lives healthy and exercise to FOB songs," teased Patrick, hugging his Patrick Star plushie like Seattle hugged her new kitten doll. "Hey! Now Patrick's mocking me!" complained Seattle, while R2 can only reply by "what can I say, a good parody deserves another! HEEHEEHEEHEE~ also Patrick, technically you're a MAN."
Soon the tourbus was on code ROTFLOL.

Things were lightening up in LazyTown as all their citizens gathered up for their movie night, which includes Robbie Rotten. "Great, now all we need is a VCR," announced Sportacus. The mayor agreed and said "Stephanie, be a darling and grab my VCR from under the other podium behind the stage". A few minutes later Stephanie came back with her uncle's storybook. "Stephanie, I said a VCR PLAYER, not my book with "Vodka Clears Rash" on it!" he exclaimed, sort of embarrassed he even owned a book like that.
"But uncle, it IS your VCR player. The book was just coating it," clarified Stephanie, revealing the VCR player that actually was inside the book. Either the pages were hollow or that book was just really, really, really big.
Moments later, they were watching what was inside the whole VCR content, episode by episode, realizing that they were the parody videos Seattle was talking about in the tourbus, speak of the devil. Everyone, including Robbie Rotten, had their eyes and mouths open wide. They couldn't even blink.
10 minutes later, Sportacus stood up and shouted, "THEY PARODIED US?!"

The end.



My May
a song I made up and probably a not-so-parody of Linkin Park's "My December" but it mentioned My Chemical Romance's "The Black Parade" too. I'm not sure how this happened cuz I got into Linkin Park in 2003 and I remember thinking about changing the lyrics that year, but My Chemical Romance released The Black Parade on late 2006. This is weird.

This is really my May
This is my time of the day
This is my Sunday's May
Everything's caught up in my way

This is my so-called May
This is my time of the day
It;s a very dark day
Cuz there's something in my way

And I... (ain't got no confessions)
And I... (made no such decisions)
So I... (tried to sleep alone in the dark)
And I... (Can't make it all go away in a spark)

And I gave it all away
Cuz everything's got in my way
Give it all away
Cuz I'm signing for the Black Parade

Give it all away
The parade's in town I'm on my way
Give it all away
So you'll know how it feels like in my May

Whoooa sounds like a dying song or something. Like the person is going to die and joining the "parade" on a very dark day, on a Sunday in May. MAYDAY PARADE OH GOSH ANOTHER BAND




And now a WTF moment with Rhett and Link's families

Link: Rhett I'm thirsty. Make me some tea

Rhett: Okay but should I put some subtle in your tea? Cuz you need to learn some SUBTLE-TEA. *ba dum tss*

Link: *unimpressed face*

Rhett: *trollface*

Shepherd: wow dad. much puns. such subtle. much tea. so clever. very words. wow.

Locke: Shepherd you're a doge

Lincoln: Which is funny cuz dogs are used as shepherds geddit? geddit?

Lily: Bro he said 'doge' not 'dog'

Lincoln: Still tho

Lando: Me poopie on couch


Lando: Teehee

Christy: I saw that, you two. I'm not cleaning the couch

Link: AW honey -__- do I have to

Rhett: Wait Christy since when did you and Jessie came in I thought you both were still shopping

Jessie: We were done hours ago silly. We hid in the cupboard cuz we got this useless free gift of a toy looking like an old man pooping idk why it's useless but we got it free since we bought like 10 sets of plates

Christy: Which is also useless

Jessie: Shush

Locke: Mom that toy is gross

Lily: Actually this toy is what Lando looks like when he grows old

Lincoln: Is the poop made outta actual poop

Lily: Nah it's just clay or bread or something

Locke: I wish it was actual poop

Lily & Lincoln: Me too

Lando: I play with poopie

Shepherd: me too


[and then everyone had a hard time scrubbing off Lando and Shepherd's poop from the couch. Link totally forgot about his tea and Rhett totally forgot he was supposed to make some SUBTLE-TEA. ba-dum-tsss XD]






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